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Puppy Classes

Puppy classes are run most Wednesday nights in our clinic by our trained staff nurse, Bex.

Puppy1Puppy classes should start when the puppies are only 9 weeks of age. This is simply because puppies have a narrow socialization period between 9 and 15 weeks of age which is when they learn their conditioned behaviours. You want these conditioned responses to be appropriate ones.

In other words, they are very impressionable at this age so it is the most crucial time to start their training.

Household dogs, like wild dogs, operate in united packs. In the suburban environment, your dog sees you as another member of their pack. In the wild, young puppies are quick to learn their role and position in the hierarchy as they are taught by other pack members. Your puppy is looking to you for that same guidance and wants to know where they fit into their new “pack”

These classes are designed to ease the confusion for both of you by showing you which puppy behaviours are acceptable and which are not…

PuppclassFrontpageYou can ring us on 5757 688 and we will be able to tell you when the next puppy course starts. These classes are run in the clinic on Wednesday nights starting at 6.30pm. They are a fun way for both you and your pup to get off to the best start and the pups themselves get to play and interact with the other puppies there. You will receive advice on toilet training, lead walking, nutrition and exercise etc. etc.

Note: try reading a book on dog behavior so you can appreciate how your dog thinks-you will be quite surprised to learn how a dog interprets things!!

We thoroughly recommend “The Dog Listener” by Jan Fennell. This book is an eye-opener for many people on how to raise your dog. Jan talks of common problems and explains how situations are often misunderstood by both parties.

The trick is to always be the leader of the pack and this is not as straight forward as it seems. Dogs that are disobedient or misbehave, have had leadership inadvertently bestowed upon them by the owner and the stress of this burden is often what leads to their “naughtiness”.


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