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Pet Wellness Schemes

It Is Better To Seek Health Than It Is To Fight Disease

Pet Wellness Schemes are designed to monitor and ensure your pet’s health status. The only way to truly know that your older pet is healthy, is by a blood screen. Pets can’t tell us where it feels odd or where it hurts and we often can’t see the problem even when examining them as closley as we can from the outside.

By the time you notice physically that there is a problem, it is often too late to instigate effective treatment because the organ system involved has deteriorated too much. We hope those days of bringing an older cat or dog to the practice because they are showing signs of terminal geriatric illness are gone.

Recently we have been undertaking serial blood and urine screens in older animals in order to assess their health status. This has unearthed some alarming results in the odd individual but has given us golden time to save these animals from an early demise.
No one knew there was anything wrong in the first place, and early disease detection enabled us to instigate early, successful treatment. Note that this particularly applies to kidney disease in the cat.

Once past 10 years of age, cats age at a faster rate than us; each one of their years after 10 is probably equivalent to 7-10 years of our life. For many dog breeds this aging effect starts earlier at 7-9 years of age.

Blood surveillance picks up early disease in this age group and allows us to instigate treatment early, prolonging a high quality of life.

Screening for disease in the human is not a new thing after all, whether it is for breast cancer awareness or cervical cancers. No one knows if they are brewing until one looks, and one is always relieved of course with an all-clear.

If you want to ensure your pet’s health, then bring him along for his blood test. It involves a physical check as well as drawing blood [and sometimes urine], to assess their organ systems and thyroid. These tests have proved so valuable in detecting early disease that we conduct them at a much cheaper rate than if we were seeking an answer in a sick animal.

We also always run pre-anesthetic blood tests before most procedures for all the same reasons. The information obtained is priceless in every way -even when it shows them to be in rude health!!

Remember It Is Better To Seek Health Than It Is To Fight Disease

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