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Surgery Instructions

Please note that these instructions are for standard surgical procedures for cats and dogs. You may be given additional instructions depending on the surgical procedure being performed.

Prior To Surgery

1. No food from 8pm the evening before your pet’s appointment (but always allow access to water overnight.)

2. Bring him/her to the clinic between 7.30am – 9am that appointment morning. Later admittance times can be arranged, please check with reception when booking your appointment.

3. Please allow a few minutes at the clinic to sign a consent form and leave all daytime contact phone numbers.

4. You will be asked if you would like your pet to have a pre-anaesthetic blood test. This is essentially a safety check; this probably helps us more than it helps you but it means we are not going to be hit by sudden surprises and it is nice to have reassurance that your pet is normal biochemically before we start.

It tests the health status of the kidneys, liver and blood. Please note that there is a cost involved. We are happy to advise you on your situation regarding their age, relative risk etc.

5. All our cat and dog neuters and spays include an injection to relieve pain in the immediate postoperative period. We recommend additional non-sedating, long acting pain relief, to minimize discomfort for the next 36 hours. There is an extra charge for this, depending on their size.

After Surgery

1.Please telephone the clinic between 1pm – 3pm to check when your pet will be ready to go home – most routine procedures are discharged between 2.30pm -6pm, but for some procedures the veterinarian may ask you to make a time so that the treatment can be explained.

2. After an anaesthetic your pet will be aware and able to walk but still a little ‘sleepy’, so please keep him/her confined overnight and only feed a small amount that evening.

3. Stitches are removed from cat and dog spays and dog neuters in 10-14 days after surgery.
There are no external stitches in a cat neuter. There is no charge for the removal of the stitches but please book a time.

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