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Cats and dogs need to be wormed at least annually. The current recommendation is to worm every 6 months. Advice on this varies from place to place and some people worm every 3 months instead. The latter recommendation is probably based on marketing advice rather than epidemiological evidence.

There are several ways of doing this and the latest, easiest way is to use Panoramis, Advocate or Revolution.

These products do both worms and fleas at the same time.

Panoramis is for dogs only and is given orally whilst the other two are for both cats and dogs and are given dermally on the back of the neck. Panoramis is the newest of this group.

Yes, no more trying to hide the pill in the food, or battle with them to give directly by mouth. Hooray!!!!!!

All these products kill fleas as well but do not kill tapeworm. Tapeworms are contracted by pets from fleas; so keeping your pet free of fleas also keeps them free from tapeworms.

Tapeworms are less pathogenic than the other worms but a new “spot-on” wormer called Profender for use on cats kills these as well. So if you see tapeworms associated with your cat, this is the product to use. It is the most comprehensive spot-on wormer of them all and kills all feline intestinal worms.

There is still nothing wrong with the old worm tablet however-they still work just fine. Provided you can get the tablets [such as Drontal or Milbemax] into the cat or dog, then there is no worry in using these as well.

For specific instructions for worming puppies or kittens see worming on our kitten and puppy pages.

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